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NGN Consulting  has focused on the wholesale carrier opportunities resulting from the rapidly growing demand for capacity between the United States and international niche markets. 

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NGN Consulting has delivered a wide range of IT and communications advice and implementation made possible achievement of a selected blue-chip client base in the communications sectors. We specialize in VoIP business routes opportunities.

We always welcome new partners which can offer us direct routes and would be interested in a long term business relationship... Just to mention a few destinations: 

Americas: Honduras, El Salvador, Domincan Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua - Managua, Colombia proper and mobile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Venezuela mobile, Paraguay, Uruguay and others.

Asia & Pacific: India proper and cities, Nepal mobile and Kathmandu, Pakistan and cities, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Laos proper and cell, Fiji, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia.

Arab States: Egypt cell and proper, United Arab Emirates proper and UAE Dubai Cell, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain...

Africa: Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ghana Accra , Guinea, Nigeria - Lagos and Cell, Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Togo, Mali, Ghana and Accra, Angola, Liberia, Congo, Cameroon, Swaziland, Tunisia, Tanzania, Guinea-Bissaau, Benin and others...

Europe & CIS: Turkey, Albania cellular, Latvia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Yugoslav Cell, Serbia and Montenegro, Europeans´ GSM: Greece, UK, Swiss, Germany, France, New Zealand, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Netherlands -...  


NGN Consulting can offer to the customer a complete turnkey solution consisting of:

  • Partnership with a VoIP Carrier. 
  • Termination VOIP, tailored for traffic termination solutions.
  • Remote installation or on-site setup of the complete solution.
  • Remote maintenance services for a start-up period of your choice.
  • VOIP Gateway (CISCO, Quintum, etc).

If you seek to

  • decrease the management costs,
  • simplify the information flow,
  • make your business more productive
Choose NGN! We are always at your service!

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