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Banking in Saint Vincent

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Bank account in Saint Vincent

documentation for personal account opening:
Two copies of the Account Contract
One copy of the Account Opening Form
A Notarized Copy of Account Holder's and Additional Authorized Cardholder's (if any) or other acceptable ID (the page with photo and signature). US and Canadian citizens please provide additionally a notarized copy of your Driver's License.
• A copy of Bill or Statement as a proof of address for Account Holder and Additional Authorized Cardholder(if any)
• References for Account Holder and Additional Authorized Cardholder (if any).
• A , consisting of not more than 10 Latin characters chosen by you, in a sealed envelope. This password is needed in case you would like to block the Digipass or bankcard.
:No minimum deposit required.Account maintenance fee: USD 16.00/monthAccount closure fee: USD 70.00

Credits to the account (for incoming SWIFT wires): USD 9.00

Fee for outgoing SWIFT transfer: 0.3% (min: USD 38, max: USD 400.00)

US$ and EUR Current Account
US$ and EUR Current Account can be used with the Bankcard. However, if you would like to use your account as a normal Current Account with full access to all banking facilities ( e.g. internal and external transfers) you will need a special authentication device called Digipass!

Multi-Currency Current Accounts
To open Current Account(s) in currencies other than US$ – specifically: EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY – you MUST have active (or have applied for) a US$ Current Account with Digipass device with the Bank. Bank does not issue bankcards in currencies other than US$ therefore you will need a Digipass device to operate these multi-currency accounts.
Bankcard limits: Total 2000 US$ or 2000 EUR cash withdrawal , or max 5 transactions
Cash withdrawal cost (USD 3.85) + 1.15% or EUR 3.15 + 1.15 %

The account opening fee depends on the type of card you want, if you required Digipass and the type of postal shipping air mail or currier.

Current account in  USD   ATM Maestro   ATM    Mastercard
Fee opening account * air mail *   $ 50,00   $ 150,00
With Digipass            $ 45,00   $ 45,00
Currier postal service         $ 55,00   $ 55,00
The account opening fee includes shipping by Air mail, 2 to 3 weeks. If you want currier service (5 business days) then select to be sent the card by currier.
Due to possible correspondent bank charges we suggest to transfer another USD 50.  
Once the funds are on your account, ATM Card will be issued.
First the PIN code for your debit card, together with the 8-digit Internet Access Code for balance enquiry, Account Number and Customer ID will be mailed to you.

USD or EUR Maestro/ Cirrus debit card together with Digipass (if requested) will be sent separately on the next few days.
You should receive all of the above items within 5-12 business days from the date of dispatch (depending on your location).

Saint Vincent Offshore: it is a leading financial centres such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and the Channel Islands leads one to instantly detect certain underlying ingredients which underpin their international tax planning industry

We recommend for opening Saint Vincent personal or corporate bank account with International Debit Card.

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