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Offshore bank account' is the name given to the bank accounts that are held by non-residents in a foreign country. The main advantage is the bank account owned by the customer is held 100% private and confidential, for which bank secrecy laws apply, in that country where the bank is located. Your friends, spouses, tax authorities, personal enemies, government can never have access of your financial records. Very importantly, offshore accounts are tax free, no capital gains, attractive investments, and direct access to the trade markets. Recent survey shows that thousands of people flock to offshore havens every day to gain financial independence and privacy.


It used to be very costly and difficult to open a Swiss Bank Account. This has now changed quite substantially since the beginning of the internet age.You can now have a swiss bank account opened by just clicking away in front of your computer thanks to our Swiss bank account brokerage service.

Your savings account in switzerland opened entirely online, with no visit to switzerland required.

  • No minimum deposit required / account maintenance fee.

  • Powerful internet banking with 24x7 access to your funds.

  • Free Phone.

  • Choice of your account available in the following currencies...

    • AUD Australian Dollar

    • CAD Canadian Dollar

    • DKK Danish Kroner

    • JPY Japanese Yen

    • NOK Norwegian Kroner

    • SEK Swedish Kroner

    • EUR Euro

    • GBP Pound Sterling

    • USD US Dollar.

  • No proof required for economic origin of funds you deposit.

  • No bank or third party references required.

  • No credit checks or telechecks required to open this account.

  • Transfer money anytime / anywhere to any bank account elsewhere in the world. NO LIMITS.

  •  Wire money to anybank account in the world using SWIFT / IBAN as low as USD15 per international wire

  • Security for your internet banking is protected by 128 bit military grade encryption with 2 layer password.




Now you can open an account in the caribbean with a debit card, all details, procedure, and bank contract you can find at: More information:




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