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NGN welcomes new partners whom can offer direct route. Please feel free to contact us with rate information, capacity and terms.

National country codes dial plan:

Dial Plan Database


Country Code Full Prefix National Code Type Destination Location

country Guinea (Republic of)
224 22411 11 mobile Guinea (Republic of)
224 22412 12 mobile Guinea (Republic of)
224 22413 13 mobile Guinea (Republic of)
224 2244 4 geographic Guinea (Republic of) Conakry
224 22440 40 mobile Guinea (Republic of)
224 22451 51 geographic Guinea (Republic of) Labe
224 22461 61 geographic Guinea (Republic of) Kindia
224 22468 68 geographic Guinea (Republic of) Mamou

country Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)

This database is only for guiding purpose only, it may not be completed or accurate.

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