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Management Team


Mariano Dragani


Mariano Dragani, is a graduate of the University Buenos Aires with a degree in Management.

Co-Founder of NGN Consulting Group, has over 10 years of specialized experience in the telecommunications industries within, Latin American and U.S. Prior to founding NGN Consulting Group, Mariano served for Carriers International firm based in New York, specializing in the areas of Network Engineering, Data and Systems analysis and services to different carrier around the world. Mariano was responsible for overseeing all daily operations. 

As one of the original members of the founding team on NGN, Mariano was responsible for planning, organizing and implementing all sales-related activities. Mariano has developed technical solutions and managed teams for new entrant operators and incumbents throughout Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, United Kingdom, and so on in order to solidify the Company's standing in the marketplace. Mariano's Argentina heritage affords him fluency in Spanish and knowledge of the Latin American culture. 

Marcos Dragani

Director of Strategic Alliances

Marcos Dragani, is a graduate of the University Buenos Aires with a Degree in Information Systems of the Organizations. 

Co-Founder of NGN. Marcos brings an extensive background in voice over IP (VoIP). He manages partnerships with leading telecommunications firms and strategic partners worldwide in international carrier negotiations, wholesale and retail sales, and strategic relationship management. He has a proven track record with international carriers, service providers, and solutions providers worldwide.

 Marcos has been helping high tech start-ups and business development.He has carried out and managed consulting projects in many countries worldwide. 

Marcos has advised clients on the development of their business strategies and business planning including strategic analysis and planning in countries as diverse as United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Romania, Bolivia, Argentina and so on.


Victoria Parro

Managing Consultant


  • Victoria Parro received on Management Organizations  from the University Buenos Aires. She  brings an extensive background in management of public organizations. She is finalizing her Master on Human Resources. She has a special interest in inter-personal dynamics and communications, leading to a higher level of skill development in these areas. Her key capabilities include team building, leadership, management development, interpersonal communications, developing a service culture, coaching and counseling, presentations skills, and delegation.

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